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The Identity of the Project

The Gr-Energy Program

The “GR-Energy” Program of the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area (EEA) 2014-2021, Thematic Area “Renewable Energy Sources (RES), Energy Efficiency (EA), Energy Security”, is co-financed by the EEA-EFTA countries (Iceland , Liechtenstein and Norway) by 75% and by the Public Investment Program of the Hellenic Republic by 25%.

The Program aims at “lower carbon intensity energy and increased security of supply” and seeks to “improve Energy Efficiency” through the short- and medium-term impact of the above results on the agencies and target groups.

The target groups of the program are the users and visitors of the buildings/infrastructure of the public and wider public sector. The results of the Program work spectacularly, aiming to increase the number of Energy Efficient Buildings and Infrastructures in Greece.

The program supports innovative solutions to increase RES production and improve EA in public social infrastructures of the country, acting as a pillar of green development, in the context of our European and national obligations. At the same time, it seeks to alleviate social and economic inequalities and to strengthen the bilateral cooperation of the member states in the field of RES and the improvement of EA.

DEΥA's Environmental Strategy

Τhe Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Company (DEΥA) of the Municipality of Drama, as it perceives the protection, upgrading and sustainable management of the environment as a necessary condition for the improvement of the quality of life of the residents, aspires to become a pioneer organization in the exercise of environmental policy. Especially in today’s conditions, the transition to an environmentally friendly economy, through the implementation of a program inspired by the principles and practices of sustainable development, is a strategic priority for DEYA.

The limitation of electricity consumption and the consequent reduction in the operating costs of DEYAD create possibilities and prospects for the local community, which is constantly familiarizing itself with the practices of sustainable development.

The Objectives of the Project

This project is a large research and development project applied in the Greek area. DEYAD’s vision is to implement in the region a series of innovative technological solutions for the upgrade and integrated management of the local infrastructure of energy, water resources, waste, transport.

Overall, the Project has a significantly reduced energy footprint and offers solutions to chronic challenges of managing the infrastructures of the DEYAD, challenges that are also recorded in other structures and regions and will act as a replicable example, in other DEYAD as well as in isolated areas (mountainous and rural), as well as in urban centers, contributing to the emergence of the “smart cities” of the future thus contributing catalytically to the achievement of the specific objectives and result indicators of the OP, as mentioned in the call.

The interventions in this Project are precisely aimed at energy sectors with a large contribution to the overall energy balance of the Municipality as indicated in the SDAE of the Municipality of Drama, specifically: the energy upgrade of the Biological Cleaning (VIOKA) of the Municipality, the Supply of electric vehicles for the needs of the DEYA of Drama and in the installation of measuring equipment.

It aims to implement projects of high environmental importance and innovation. In particular, with energy produced by RES and other energy-saving practices, we are led to the gradual achievement of sustainability.

The Expected Results

The strategic results sought by the Project are:

  • Reduction of electricity costs with direct benefits for the entire Community of Drama.
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions significantly.
  • Adoption of new perspectives at the level of entrepreneurship both with the creation of integrated technological solutions and interventions and with the corresponding employment and specialization of personnel.

The main Performance Indicators are:

  • With an estimate to reduce energy consumption by 15% from the EEL Energy Saving System, there will be an annual energy saving of 75 MWh which translates into a reduction in operating costs of €7,500/year.
  • The estimated cost savings from Perimeter Street Lighting amounts to 9,358.69 euros.
  • The estimated cost savings from the Photovoltaic plant amounts to 28,288.67 euros.

The estimated detailed Performance Indicators are as follows:

  • Estimated Increase in Renewable Energy Production (MWh/year): 10.46
  • Estimated Energy Saving (MWh/year): 340.20
  • Estimated Annual Reduction of CO2 Emissions (t): 302.22
  • Estimated Cost Savings (€/year): 38,757.51

Analysis of the Project

Energy Saving Technologies at DEΥA

The interventions in Sub-Project 1 “Procurement and Installation of Renewable and Alternative Energy Technologies in Social Infrastructures” of DEYA Drama are aimed at energy sectors with a large contribution to the overall energy balance of the Municipality as indicated in the SDAE of the Municipality of Drama.

In the Biological Cleaning (VIOKA) of the Municipality, a micro-network of RES and Alternative Technologies is created:

  • EEL Energy Saving System.
  • Stand Alone Photovoltaic Station with a power of 100kw.
  • Perimeter LED Lighting for Biological Cleaning and LED lighting for Pumping Stations.
  • Uninterrupted hydrogen supply system.

Energy Saving System

The system will be installed in EEL’s central control unit and will address its operation in dynamic environments by incorporating advanced control methodologies in wastewater treatment. These methodologies will have the ability to handle multivariate control problems subject to constraints by providing optimal actions and based on dynamic operating models that are understandable and easily applicable by plant personnel in a rational manner.

The main advantage that should be offered will be the efficient control of multivariate processes accompanied by the incorporation of constraints on the manipulated variables, while at the same time determining the optimal actions and actions for the next time steps according to the time defined time horizon.

Stand Alone Photovoltaic Station with a power of 100kw

A Stand Alone Photovoltaic System will be installed in the VIOKA with the addition of an energy storage system with accumulators. The Photovoltaic Station will be installed on land within the property of the biological treatment.

The energy storage system with accumulators will be installed in a space with proper ventilation and observing all the required protection measures.

Perimeter LED Lighting for VIOKA and LED lighting for Pumping Stations

LED lamps achieve significant energy savings compared to traditional incandescent or fluorescent lamps by having the following advantages:

  • Lifetime.
  • Durability.
  • Temperature.
  • They do not contain gases.
  • Efficiency.

Continuous hydrogen supply system

The back-up system of hydrogen fuel cells with an uninterrupted power equal to 3 kWe will be used in parallel with the primary power generation system (photovoltaic system with a total power of 100kWp).

Supply of electric vehicles for the needs of DEYA Drama

The routes that the electric vehicles will follow for the maintenance of the DEYAD Drama facilities cover all DEYAD facilities. Today these routes are covered by three diesel vehicles.

These vehicles will be partially replaced by electric vehicles, now traveling this route three times a month (a third of the previous frequency), i.e. covering 143.3*3= 429.9 km/month, thus consuming 1,486.6/3 = 495.6 lt of oil/ year.

Διαδρομές που θα διανύουν τα ηλεκτροκίνητα / Routes to be traveled by electric vehicles

Measuring Equipment

In order to monitor and reduce the consumption of electricity, Sub-project 2 “Supply of metering equipment” will include the installation of energy and heat meters/analyzers and specialized energy management software in all energy-intensive facilities.

The software will be installed in suitable locations/infrastructure and the measurements taken by the measuring equipment should be channeled via the Internet.

In the event that there is no Internet connection at the proposed locations, the Contractor must ensure that the location is properly connected to the Internet.

Information and Education Actions

In sub-project 3 “Provision of specialized services of a scientific consultant to support the implementation of the interventions” specialized actions are carried out to support the DEYAD in conducting tenders, in the management of the Practice, in monitoring the progress of the implementation of the interventions, in the certification of energy results and in the smooth its completion.

In sub-project 4 “Provision of specialized services for the dissemination and diffusion of the results of the Practice” communication actions such as informative events, an educational day to raise awareness among students and the integration of pages about the Practice on the DEYAD’s website are included.

The DEYA of the Municipality of Drama seeks the following with its publicity actions:

  • Informing the target groups about the goals, approaches and results of the Project.
  • Increasing public awareness and information about innovative projects that contribute to the promotion of green and sustainable development, the reduction of energy consumption and the increase of RES production.
  • Raising awareness of the municipality for the benefits arising from the projects of the program.
  • Update on the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2014-2021 and its importance for the financing of innovative Operations in Greece.


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